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Strategic Management, Governance and Security Sector Reform (SSR)

At the request of a Government, and following a coordinated strategic needs analysis, we create tailored solutions ranging from simple specialized training courses to designing and implementing comprehensive excellence and research centres.

We focus on creating and organizing Level 2 and Level 3 cross-functional courses that include both military and civilian experiences. In the French system, Level 2 equates to École de Guerre (General Staff College) education, whereas Level 3 courses are available at the IHEDN (Institute for Higher Defence Studies) and the CHEM (Centre des Hautes Etudes Militaires).

Our programmes equip senior military personnel with the political and strategic knowledge they need to start a new career. Graduates leave fully trained, with a deeper understanding of all aspects of crisis management. Cycles available in formats ranging from 5 to 10 months. Training modules mainly focus on complex multinational operations – including procedures and processes. Our goal is to meet and exceed the academic standards and expectations set in particular by the United Nations and the European Union.

Other training courses are available for elected officials, civilian decision-makers, civilian and military executives (Defence, Interior and Foreign Affairs) who serve their country in the fields of Security and Defence.


Prepare learners for leadership responsibilities, in multinational frameworks in particular

Develop a comprehensive set of critical skills in preparation for operational leadership in complex and changing environments

Develop a research practice and foster connections with other partners (as a secondary activity that complements training programmes)


The Themiis Institute is simultaneously setting up research partnerships with various training centres and schools. Our goal is to develop local forward-looking thought leadership focused on defence, security, and partnership issues.

The works of our CHESD (college for higher strategy and defence studies) students in Kinshasa were first published by L’Harmattan Editions in 2017, under the title Stratégies Africaines de Sécurité (Security Strategies in Africa).

Peacekeeping operations, education for administrators & academies

The Themiis Institute also offers training programmes tailored to the needs of individual States preparing for UN PKOs (peacekeeping operations) as well as administrative and logistical support for armed forces, whether deployed or stationed on national soil.

As an example, some of the EU or nationally funded academies we create focus on executive training (senior/junior officers and in some cases non-commissioned officers) for police forces, the Gendarmerie, National Guards and armed forces.


  • Assist States with training designated units preparing for peacekeeping operations (FPU, infantry battalions, specialized units)
  • Create specialized academies (police and Gendarmerie forces, National Guards)
  • Consolidate internal administrative and military competencies during times of peace and times of crisis


  • Develop UN expertise in interested nations
  • Enhance each State’s ability to contribute troops (TCC) or police to the UN
  • Apply the highest academic standards for senior officers (strategy and general staff), junior officers (execution and command) and non-commissioned officers (qualifications and certifications).
  • Financing search
  • Comprehensive assistance with regards to the UN peacekeeping contribution process
  • Support to qualify as a contributing State
  • UN standards compliance support
  • Consultancy services: equipment purchasing and logistical support