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Strategic Management, Governance and Security Sector Reform (SSR)

Crossborder terrorism, online threats, information wars and a growing number of international stakeholders (UN, African Union, international and humanitarian NGOs): on the global stage, matters of defence and security are increasingly complex. Tasked with suggesting the best solutions to decision-makers in the face of growing threats, security specialists increasingly engage in knowledge wars.

States across the word are focused on the gradual acquisition of strategic autonomy. One of the ways to foster that empowerment is to offer in situ high-level training courses designed to help States adapt quickly to new challenges, carry out SSR (Security Sector Reform) accordingly and prevent future crises.

The Themiis Institute is able to implement unique and flexible training programmes on short notice, designed for military and civilian executives. Our curricula are unrivalled in the francophone sphere. They are inspired from Level-2 and Level-3 French military education and supplemented with a much broader range of multidimensional modules covering Defence and Security in a globalised world.


Our State-level political and strategic training programmes are intended to prepare high-ranking military and civilian officials for the local and international environments in which they perform their duties, providing them with a comprehensive approach to strategic issues, capacity challenges, legal implications and security-related governance requirements through inclusive national security strategies—helping them harness the skills required according to their responsibilities.

In 2016, the Themiis Institute received two separate requests from authorities in DR Congo and Côte d’Ivoire to design and implement executive-level training programmes in partnership with the CHESD (College des Hautes Etudes de Stratégie et de Défense) in Kinshasa and the IESD (Institut d’études stratégiques et de défense) in Abidjan.

In January 2018, just 23 months after Themiis created its first programme in Kinshasa, the CHESD received the ECCAS Excellence label.

The institutes’ numerous activities include research and strategic forecasting, providing for the development of comprehensive training programmes thought a leadership and forecasting ecosystem that unites civilian and military participants.

Furthermore, Themiis offers regional operational training courses in various academies (topics covered: peacekeeping, maritime security, border management, domestic security, anti-terrorism efforts) and works with international funding organisations (including the European Union) to evaluate SSR programmes. See here.